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Wayne Lee
Peak Performance Expert
Hall of Fame Speaker
Award-winning Entertainer

“A Perfect Balance of Talent & Teaching.”

Darrell Johnston, Regional Vice President, Eastern Canada, Compass Group Canada

For over 25 years, Wayne Lee has been one of North America’s premier corporate presenters, entertainers, and peak performance experts. During his career, he has helped people from over 6000 organizations and various walks of life develop the subconscious mindset that allows them to perform at a high level no matter what challenges they face.

It's a mindset that empowered him to become a 5-time national wrestling champion and achieve excellence his whole career, but it trance-formed him even more during the pandemic when business came to a screeching halt. Faced with such an intense season of adversity, Wayne had to double down on his own mindset to pivot and grow in new and unexpected ways.

Experiencing again how mindset can change everything further fueled his lifelong passion for empowering people to achieve their full potential. He began coaching and developed an enhanced system for achieving peak performance, The TRANCE-FORM Process.

Today, he works with leading brands to guide their teams through the high-stress, constant change, and fast-paced environment that is now commonplace. Wayne shows each audience how to reconnect with what matters most so they can achieve any result, all while enjoying the ride of their life.

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