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Just to Show You What's Possible for YOU

"I've worked with a sports psychologist before but never before have I felt the shift that I felt from working with you. I know this will help me stay focused and confident in playing my best game."


NHL Hockey Player

“Since my divorce, I kept getting stuck in relationships that would end because I'd fear being abandoned or betrayed and I'd keep pushing people away. Now the blockage is gone and I fully anticipate a new future for myself.  Thank you."


"In over 20 years, Wayne Lee is one of the best speakers we have ever had.  Our team has not stopped talking about the impact he has made!"

Shoppers Drug Mart Event

“OMG!!! I am feeling the highest possible happiness at this moment!!!!"


“It felt like you lifted a heavy cloud from my mind and I can see clearly now.  The best part was that my migraine headaches have disappeared. This last year has been the healthiest and most enjoyable of my life.  Thank you."

Mary Ann

"Wow....that's pretty awesome.  I've been battling anxiety and I'll be implementing this strategy ASAP."


“It works excellent.  I'm already getting amazing results after just some days!!!  Just have to hold these results for one month and my goal will be reached!"


"Thank you for introducing me to hypnosis in such a fun and positive way.  It's been one of my favorite life experiences."